Discounts on 50+ Shoes

At, you can get your favorite work shoes and boots for major price discounts. 10%-25% off John Deere, Dan Post, and McRae products. Using discount codes DEERE, DANPOST, and MCRAE for their respective brand names, you can buy your work shoes for an even lower cost, and get back to work.

Shipping & Returns

Processing & Shipping

Doing our part to keep it simple…It’s FREE in the Continental United States. We do ship to Canada, however an additional shipping fee of $40.00 may apply. UPS and USPS provide all deliveries. From order date to wearing them on the job should be 5-10 business days. If work can’t wait, we’ll need a little extra for speed:

2nd day delivery – $20 (Additional pairs $5 per pair)

Next day delivery – $30 (Additional pairs $5 per pair)

Returns & Exchanges

We offer a three-tiered approach if you need to return your shoes:

  • Full Refund: New, unworn shoes or slightly worn shoes with manufacturer or material defects. Must be returned in the original box with original packing materials within 30 days.
  • Full Refund less 10% restocking fee: Unworn shoes in the original box with original packing materials. Must be returned within 60 days.
  • Half Refund less 10% restocking fee: Worn shoes with manufacturer or material defects causing shortened wearable life. Must be returned within 90 days.

All returns must accompany a return authorization and prepaid shipping label. You must email at to obtain a return authorization number and shipping label. When it comes to your returns and all service issues we’ll do our very best to work with you, as we want your repeat business. When it comes to worn work shoes, a common sense approach is most helpful. Credit will be applied via the original purchasing method.

Exchanges will be provided at no additional charge (excluding restocking fee, if applicable). Exchanges are provided after return process is complete. You will be charged in the same manner as the original purchase.

Genuine Grip Footwear

Genuine Grip is your best source for slip-resistant footwear. Headquartered in Englewood, New Jersey, Genuine Grip has manufactured footwear since 1932 for world famous brands. Their expertise comes from their team’s accumulated technologies, skills, experiences and ideas in the footwear industries. Slips, trips and falls are one of the top causes of industrial accidents and account for nearly 15% of all lost workday accidents. Genuine Grip footwear not only reduces injuries, but also limits … Read more

John Deere Boots

SAVE 25% EVERY DAY! USE DISCOUNT/COUPON CODE - DEERE Only the best boots and shoes can proudly wear the John Deere brand. Whether your day starts and ends on a farm, construction site or a shop floor, John Deere Boots are for you. Because for you, a well-made boot that lasts isn’t a luxury - it’s a necessity. We use the best in materials and construction techniques to build comfort and durability in from the first step. Since 1837, John Deere has been synonymous with quality. You know … Read more

McRae Industrial

SAVE 10% EVERY DAY! USE DISCOUNT/COUPON CODE - MCRAE McRae Industrial has provided a complete line of affordable work boots that have given you bang for your buck since 1959. Durable construction and quality materials let you concentrate on the job at hand, rather than the boots on your feet. Originally manufactured for the U.S. military, McRae Industrial offers quality boots that stand up to any challenge life throws at them – just like our soldiers. Many styles of McRae Industrial … Read more

Dan Post Boots

Dan Post Boot Company makes a wide selection of boots and shoes, and their name brand line is the Dan Post Boot brand. Introduced in the mid-1960s, the Dan Post brand is synonymous with “Handcrafted Cushion Comfort.” Crafted with the finest exotic skins and premium leathers, Dan Post employs technologically advanced materials to ensure that your boots are comfortable from the first step. Dan Post Boots are made special with many features, including: Rugged Lights Oil, Heat, and … Read more